A strategic analysis of gum brands - Part 1

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Every company needs to find its consumers to sell its products and grow.  They do it by searching their market:

¤ What is currently proposed to answer the consumer need?

¤ Who is offering such an answer? To who? Why? How?


Getting information allows companies to part different sort of customers and give them an idea on how they are going to reach them. Then, they adapt their Optimum Selling Strategy in accordance.


Now, what kind of customers composed the gum market? Actually two main clusters exist, subdivided in smaller groups.


1 - Health concerned consumers

                ¤ Teeth and buccal concerned

                ¤ Breath concerned


2 - Sweet consumers

                ¤ Fun consumption

                ¤ Taste consumption

                ¤ Lifestyle consumption







Positioning is the best way to reach a specific type of customer. Once gum companies have segmented their market, they are able to create a product aimed at a customer.


As a first draft, regarding the brands only, we can categorize them within the two previous clusters:


1 - Health concerned consumers

                ¤ Freedent (teeth and buccal concerned)

                ¤ Mentos gum (breath concerned)

                ¤ Airwaves (breath concerned)


2 - Sweet consumers

                ¤ Hollywood (lifestyle consumption / taste consumption)

                ¤ Malabar (fun consumption)

                ¤ Wrigley’s 5 (lifestyle consumption / taste consumption)

                ¤ Airwaves (taste consumption)







To understand better the consumer’s point of view, we conducted a little survey among the population. We focused our questions around the reasons why they buy gums and their habits regarding gum consumption.


In regard of their consumption habits, results are quite interesting.

1 – More than half the population consumes gums at least twice a week.

2 – More than 70% are smokers.

3 – Close to 80% make their choice regarding the taste of the gum.

4 – Half of them think it is a good substitute when not able to brush their teeth.

5 – 40% are breath concerned.

6 – Close to one third use it to fight boredom and make bubbles.


Concerning their relation to brands, results are much stronger.

¤ 78% are buying Hollywood

¤ 71% are buying Freedent

¤ Every other brand (Airwaves, Malabar, Mentos, etc) scores less than 20%


We asked as well if consumer were happy about what is currently available on the market, and an impressive 92% said to be satisfied by the current offer.


Indeed, it is not surprising to notice that Hollywood (Cadbury) and Freedent (Wrigley’s) are the two leaders of the market.

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