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When having a look at the different brand packagings, the first thing we can notice is that flavours and packaging are closely linked. For each brand,  coulours are associated with flavours.

Brands use the same colours.


images      14500


Chlorophyll and mint are usually green


2529        mentospurefreshminteinzelpack-copie-1


Stronger mint is usually represented in blue


5bxu70f1            Hollywood - Sweet Gum


Then, fruity flavours have packaging representing each flavour: red for strawberry, purple for raspberry and so on…



we can also notice that there are different kinds of packagings, depending on the product.

In France, the initial main formats were the following:

images (1)     Long tablets (5 tablets)



HlyCGx      Small pieces (10 pieces):



 Recently, as to make some changes in the gum industry, these formats of gum have seen their packaging changing to get to this:


 A box containing between 60 to 70 pieces of gum, perfect for car usage:

gfv0nwt0     050912     mentospurefreshminteinzelpack-copie-1


Long packaging containing 14 tablets of gum, with the shape of a wallet:

FRE003           llpuy9sh       size 500 500 F10237I0058XELOA



Once we have established the basic kinds of packaging, all the differences between packaging are mostly related to the changes of the product (new flavours for instance or change of shape) or change of quantities. 

Different kinds of packaging exist,  and brands play with packaging to make it seem like gum is changing:


Breve25536        breve33252-1


The truth is that the product remains the same. It can be a square or a tablet, there can be new flavours: bitter lemon or fresher than fresh mint, gum remains gum, and the way brands play around packaging when the product does not change that much is amazing.

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