Gums' market and history in France

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Actually there are two main competitors on the French chewing gum market:


Those two leaders have axed there communication around two main brands that are:

Hollywood (Cadbury) with his slogan “Fraîcheur de vivre”

Freedent (Wrigley’s) with an oral health communication

Some other competitors are also acting on this market, like Airwaves, Mentos, and Malabar.

The main questions to ask now are:

What does it mean to consume chewing gum?

What kind of chewing gum should I chew regarding my personality?

First of all let’s have a look at the chewing gum history in France.


The first chewing gums have been brought to France in 1952 by E.PARRET, an ex American GI who came to free the country in 1944. He lauched the first chlorophyle chewing gum on the market. HOLLYWOOD brand is born !

Hollywod becomes the leader on the market with more than 50% market shares. His main competitor being Freedent, lauched by the Wrigley's group.

In 2000 HOLLYWOOD has been acquired by Kraft Food for 272 million dollars, his power against Wrigley's becomes therefore more important.

The two main competitors and the other brands on the market are acting on two distinct segments. One is the pleasure and fun and the other is the oral health segment.

There are also indirect competitors such as "pocket candies" like Mentos or Haribo. Malabar (Cadbury) and Hubba Bubba (Wrigley's) are also indirect competitors because those products are targeting a different and younger market (children) with a more "Bubble Gum" positioning.

In 2000 HOLLYWOOD lost his leadership because of the more healthy position of Freedent. But the competition remains important between the twho giants...

Nowadays, French people have adopted the chewing gum as an “American way of life” symbol and become the second consumer just after the United States.


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