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It is more and more difficult to find new flavours for gum, especially flavours that people will like more than the basic mint or strawberry flavours.


The new flavours that have recently appeared on the market are some mix of fruit you would never think of, like strawberry and peach for instance.

New flavours can come with new sensations: sparkling, very cold or even "spicy".

But let's face it: there is no big change in terms of flavours.


This is the reason why Hollywood and Five came up with something smart and creative:




The mystery flavour!


The concept is simple: you are buying gum that will have the same format and look the same as what you have always bought. The only difference here is that you don't know what it tastes like.


Five are playing with sensations: "warm and cool mint", whereas Hollywood's mystery gum is more mysterous: you have absolutely no tip helping you.


When we analyze the way Hollywood decided to promote their "mystery gum", we realize that the mystery is even getting a little scary.


This is what they used to promote the mystery gum:



Yes, you are seeing an ostrich. The ostrich is there to make you wander what this is all about and (maybe) make you want to buy the mystery gum...


The mystery tablets of gum all have the same flavour. In order not to give any tip, the indredients are described with chemical names only, so that you don't know what flavours they used to come up with the mystery flavour.


The mystery flavour actually remains a mystery. It is difficult to define it really. It seems to be some kind of "tutti frutti" flavour, a mix of different fruty flavours.


The flavour may be disappointing, the marketing way of selling this product is not. 

It is surprising to think that people are willing to buy a product being asked to guess what it tastes like. Or actually..is it really surprising that nowadays brands start selling "mystery flavours" because they ran out of ideas to create new exctiting flavours?


The most surprising thing in this marketing strategy is probably the ostrich. Why an ostrich?

This product is sold this way on the French market. We can assume that the ostrich was chosen because it comes from the french "Faire l'autruche" , meaning that one is voluntarily ignoring the situation he or she is in. 

Or maybe it is just because it is not a common animal and people will wonder what this is all about when they see the ostrich, more than if they see any common animal!









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