Freedent and the oral health message

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Freedent-logo.jpgIn 1987 Wrigley’s decides to enter the French market. “Freedent” is arriving during the monopole of Hollywood with its “eternal youth” image. Therefore, Freedent strategy is to communicate on other values like the oral health.


In fact, in 1987 Freedent is the first “sugar free” chewing gum on the market. The brand is seen as being health conscious and targets people who want to take care about their oral health.



In 1990 Freedent is the first official partner of UFSBD, the French union for oral health. The brand is basins his positioning on pleasure + health and becomes the direct competitor of Hollywood chewing gum who has a radically different approach with a “less serious” communication.UFSBD


 Fresh breath, growth (with calcium added in gums), white and clean teeth, those are the message of the benefits that Freedent wants to bring to his customers.



Viewed as a complementary product to oral health Freedent is clearly targeting active and health conscious people. It is now common to see the  “Freedent box” (launched in 2005) on your desk when you are at the office or on the living room table at home. For Freedent consumers, it is essential to have it close to them to prevent any mouth disease. When you ask someone for chewing gum and he gives you Freedent, you know that this person is taking care of his oral health.

Freedent box


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